WoWFisher – Automated Fishing Bot for World of Warcraft

Update: // Percentage increase from 76.74% to 78.57%, new video added. (07.11.2011)

Update: // Percentage increase from 52.38% to 76.74% (26.10.2011)

What is WoWFisher?

WoWFisher is an application written for Windows that uses the WINAPI in order to automate the process of the secondary profession Fishing in World of Warcraft.

How does it work?

WoWFisher combines pixel searching and mouse detection. Mainly the process is in 4 steps:

Step 1. It moves the mouse around the WoW window until the mouse cursor changes to a hook.

Step 2. After we have the coordinates i, j it will record the area with center point P = (i + M/2, j + M/2) and size MxM. M is a constant (it is set to 40 in the example shown on YouTube).

Step 3. After the area is recorded it will keep scanning the fishing trap until it splashes. This is done by eliminating G and B channels, and takes a percentage of the R channel.

Step 4. Once a splash occurs it recalls the point P, navigates to it and right clicks instantly.

Any special requirements?

Having explained the process, you should already know by now that WoW must run in windowed mode, minimized to the maximum, and have auto-loot enabled.

Other than that, no.

What is so special about WoWFisher?

Compared to other bots which use pixel searching to find the fishing trap, WoWFisher will not confuse your fishing trap with other players’ fishing trap on the screen. I am still working on the bot to increase the chance of fishing, currently it shows that only 52.38% of the fishings are successful.

Is this legal?

Probably not, but there should be no chance of getting a ban, since it manipulates with the Windows desktop HWND, unlike other bots that do it with World of Warcraft’s HWND. It is like clicking on the desktop.

Can I get the program?

Not for free. I am selling the binary version of the bot. If you are interested, you can find my contact details on the internet very easily and we’ll settle a price. If, say, the binary version of the bot costs x money, then if you need the source code, it will cost 3x that of the money.

WoWFisher in action

Version 1 (24.10.2011)

Version 2 (07.11.2011)

Boro Sitnikovski, 10.2011