List of commercial projects

  • Canvas – online real-time social bookmarking web application, written in NodeJS/PHP/MySQL/Redis/Socket.IO.
  • Avis Car Rental Macedonia – web application for storing and printing invoices, written in PHP/MySQL.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy – desktop/web application for scheduling classes and tracking timetables for professors.
  • Equinox – data mining web application for Equinox, written in PHP/Mongo/Redis.
  • MakOglas – a web application written in PHP where users can buy or sell products and services by advertising.
  • WoWFisher – an automated fishing bot for the game World of Warcraft written in C using WINAPI. It combines pixel and mouse icon searching.
  • Kafule – a desktop (and web) application written in C# using LINQ and WinForms technologies. This application can be used in coffee shops, clubs, etc. It contains several modules: Employee management, Reports management, Billing module, Reservations module, License module, etc.
  • State Inspectorate of Agriculture – a web application written in Haskell (REST API) using MySQL as DB, and Backbone.js as front-end.

List of Open Source contributions

List of other projects

  • CDDisabler – a program written in pure assembler for Windows. Reverses the GetDriveTypeA() WINAPI function for any PE exe file which will trick the file into thinking it’s rаn from a CD-ROM. It can be used for games that require a CD to play.
  • Streamripper – a program written in pure assembler for Windows, it uses Winsock to stream packets from any Winamp SHOUTCAST server into the user’s hard disk drive.
  • MAC Spoof – a program written in Python for Windows that allows the user to spoof MAC addresses with their LAN adapter, either from the ARP cache or a given MAC address or IP address.
  • Tone Generator – a program written in C that generates .wav files. Supported waves are square/sine/triangle/sawtooth.
  • Proxyscan – a program written in C for Windows, a lightweight multi-threaded HTTP proxy scanner.
  • Funky chipdisk – a music disk written in C for Windows that uses the fmod library to play music. Written for the Demo-scene in 2005 (link for download at
  • File comparer – a program written in C for Windows that can compare 2 binary files and show the differences.
  • Hangman/TicTacToe – a set of the classic 2 games written in C for Windows, with GUI.
  • FurySwipes – mathematical analysis paper for a spell of a well-known RTS game DotA. More information can be found at
  • Process Hunter – a program written in assembler for Windows that allows the user to edit/read any application’s memory data by using the WINAPI functions ReadProcessMemory() and WriteProcessMemory().
  • jLina – a light-weight, fast service-oriented application that provides communication between databases and other electronic devices, written in pure WINAPI. There are 2 ways of communication: ODBC SQL query (Database) or calling another Windows process (STDOUT pipe). The client connects to the service, sends a packet in zlib compressed form; the server then parses the data accordingly and gives back as a result a compressed data. Each client session is a separate thread. For more information visit the project website at
  • FBpy – automated friends request sender for Facebook written in Python. It can also send messages to random people.
  • PDU – a program written in C that uses COM communication with a standard GSM modem. The application is using GSM AT commands (Hayes Command Set), as well as encoder for the SMS PDU header.
  • e-Documents – an experimental project – a lightweight Document Management System. This project is a web-based application, used PHP for the interface and web services for the logic. The web-services are written in Axis2/C – C programming language. Currently it supports a 3-step based business process and file upload/download.
  • CrawlerTest/Data Scraper – a program written in Java that crawls through Internet web-sites recursively, gathering content and writing each entry (URL, date received, content id) into an XML (used as a database). Duplicates are avoided. Recursion depth can be specified to a constant number, or infinite (still depends on Java stack limit). Searches for href’s and src’s in each .htm/.html file. Only specific content-type extensions are saved to disk. I’ve developed the same robot in C using libcurl/C and libxml2/C, with the additional option to crawl the HTTPS protocol.
  • JupiterGPS – an android application that reads and sends GPS coordinates periodically to OpenGTS system.
  • Pong – implementation of the classic Pong game using JavaScript 2D Canvas.
  • My Recipe – a web application written in ASP.NET 4.5 for university that follows all conventions for 3-tier layer. You can create ingredients and combine them into recipes. There is also a main feed where users can socialize.
  • sugarchive – a PHP PHAR executable written to create snapshots of SugarCRM installations.