Top 3 applications I mostly use

Here’s a list of items I spend most time of, daily (both work and non-work related):

  1. Terminal – This should not come as a surprise. vim is my main tool for editing code, and I spend a lot of time on it. I also spend a lot of time using grep when searching for something, or running PHP/Coq/etc from command line to quick test some code. git is also there.
  2. Chrome – After I write the code, I need to test it. Using the browser usually involves testing, but also stuff like social media, this blog, or reading something else interesting.
  3. Notes – I don’t think about this application that much, but it’s a fact that I spend a lot of time using it (both mobile and desktop). You can write just anything in Notes, but I classify mine mostly to be:
    1. TODOs
    2. Schedules, appointments
    3. Temporary information (what work I’ve done for the week, random thoughts, ideas (e.g. this post))
    4. Personal information (card id, pin codes, bike codes)
    5. Short Math proofs

There’s my list. What applications do you use on a daily basis? Feel free to put some in the comments section.


One thought on “Top 3 applications I mostly use

  1. My list is similar to yours but to expand on the Chrome usage Chrome Dev Tools is basically an app by itself. I have that thing open all the time.

    Another one that I don’t necessarily use daily but in bursts depending on what I’m working on is Postman.

    I actually use Trello a ton for organizing things I need to get done outside of work. It really helps keep me on track with chores around the house 🙂

    The last one that is almost a daily use for me is Waze. It’s not perfect but will reroute you if traffic starts to get bad.

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